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Welcome to PartyToonz, the best online caricaturist directory on the web! Whether you are looking to hire a caricature artist for your next party, convention, or event, PartyToonz is sure to have it all! Browse through our list of the best caricaturists around and hand-pick your favorite artist for your next event.

A caricature is a portrait of a person in which a specific feature is exaggerated for the purpose of humor or amusement. Everyone at your next event will be lining up to have their portraits drawn, and the whole room will be filled with laughter all night! Browse through our website to search for caricature artists by the state you are in or by the type of event you are having. We also have a list of caricaturists who will draw caricatures as gifts or for illustrations. PartyToonz makes it super easy to find the perfect artist for your next event. Hire one of these amazing local caricature artists today! 


Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricaturists

A new form of caricatures that are being requested more and more - digital caricatures! These are great for larger events, such as trade shows and conventions.

The caricaturists will draw guests at the event digitally using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The guest will be drawn on an iPad using a stylus, rather than on a piece of paper as they traditionally would. The caricature will be shown on a larger screen as it is being drawn, and the guest will get to take a printed version home with them afterwards!
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Caricatures for Gifts

Caricatures as Gifts

If you were looking for the perfect gift for someone special, you may have found it here! Caricatures are amazing gifts for all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, graduation, and more.

These caricaturists will create a drawing of your special person and send it your way so that you can give it as a gift or use it at your next event for something cool like invitations. Check out these artists and their work to find the perfect one to make your next gift!
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Caricatures for Illustration

Looking for a unique and different way to promote your product or illustrate your project? Check out some of these cool illustration caricaturists and find the perfect one for your project!

These caricaturists will create a custom caricature for your projects, such as publications, websites, and logos. All of these artists can draw your request and send it to you from anywhere in the country. You are not limited to choosing a caricature artist in your location when selecting one of these.
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